The Landmark

     Missionary Baptist Institute & Seminary originally founded 1970 at Davao City by Bethel Missionary Baptist Church Dr. Roy W. Culley, (Pastor) and and was moved to Minglanilla, Cebu in 1995.

     This Building was erected by the efforts of Abiko Baptist Church in Chiba, Japan and by Pastor Shinji Amari, and by the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tatum Texas and Pastor Roy W. Culley.

      This Building was dedicated to the Lord on March 21, 2003 for the purpose of Missionary Baptist Education and Training.


      "Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you..." Matthew 28:20, one of the Lord's commands in the great commission which He gave alone to His Church. Hence, we have a Bible school under the teaching ministries of the Church. This has been the Scriptural bedrock why the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has to establish schools. Like "Sunday School" we can't read in the bible but is clearly and plainly expressed based in this Scripture.

      Bethel MBC in Tatum, Texas USA led by God to start a Bible school in 1979 at Davao City, and in 1995 Bethel decided to close the school in favor of the County Avenue Baptist Church for unity and cooperation, but this endeavor was succeeded by Abiko Baptist Church in 1995 with Cebu City as its present location.

      We therefore cause this (history book) webpage to be posted for everyone who wants to be informed about the Missionary Baptist Institute & Seminary in Cebu, and why most Churches and Pastors in the Philippines recommend and chose MBIS as an Institution where they can send their students to be trained. Its origin, characteristics, uniqueness, mission, vission, purity in Doctrinal teachings, internship and actual pastoral training can be few of the compelling reasons for its establishment.

      All the information you will read form this page was the earnest effort of the faculty and staff of the present MBIS administration. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the faculty who put so much efforts and published it as a (book) webpage and to all the members of Abiko Baptist Church in Japan who have been faithfully supporting the work in prayer and in offering. I also would like to express my deep appreciation to Bethel Missionary Baptist Church and Dr. Roy Culley who first founded this institution and all the pastors who have been praying and helping this school to accomplish its great purpose for the Lord

Shinji Amari, MBIS President

The Origin of the School in Davao City

    1979 - The Seminary started at the